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Mexico Driver's License
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Mexico Driver's License

This article has information pertaining to the Driver's License program for insuring an individual driver in multiple vehicles in Mexico.  

Quote / Issue API

There is a complete example request and example response for your perusal.


API Endpoint:

API Example:


The Quote / Issue API is a JSON API broken into a few sections.  Because each action will update the database, the HTTP POST verb should be used.

Required for Quote
Required for Issuance

  • auth - Provided authentication.
    • username - Your v3 username.
    • api_key - This will be supplied by an account rep from IIG.
    • agtdst - Additional information for specifying an agent / district code.  Required for certain affiliates.
    • office_code - Additional information for specifying agent's originating office.  Required for certain affiliates.
  • quote - Travel information an (optionally) existing quote number.
    • effective_date - MMDDYYYY formatted date for the effective date of the policy.
    • expiration_date - MMDDYYYY formatted date for when the customer is returning from Mexico.
    • quote_id - Quote number for an existing quote to be modified or purchased.
  • policy - Details of the policy to be purchased.
    • underwriter_id - Underwriter number returned with the quote.
    • term - "daily", "sixmo" or "annual".  How long of a policy?
  • limits - Coverage limits.
    • extended_travel - Include or exclude MexVisit travel assistance.  true/false.
    • liability - Liability limit.
      • Available options are:
        • 50000
        • 100000
        • 300000
        • 500000
    • add_drivers - Number of drivers in addition to the policy owner.  Number from 0 to 3.
    • towing - Will you be towing any trailed units in Mexico?  true/false.
  • policyholderDetails about the owner of the policy.
    • first_name - Owner's first name.
    • last_name - Owner's last name.
    • company_name - If the vehicle is owned by a company, list that name.
    • address - Mailing address.
    • city - Mailing address city.
    • state - Mailing address state, two digits.
    • zip - Mailing address postal code.
    • phone - Phone number, numbers only.
    • email - Email address.
    • password - Password for logging into IIG's website after purchase.  Never required, we will create a password for them.
    • license_number - Driver's license number.
    • license_state - Driver's license state.
  • drivers - Array of additional drivers to be insured.  Max of 3.  Required for issuing policy with additional drivers.
    • first_name - Additional driver's first name.
    • last_name - Additional driver's last name.
    • license_number - Driver's license number.
    • license_state - Driver's license state.