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Mexico Watercraft
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Mexico Watercraft

The Mexico Watercraft Hull Liability API is a simple one step API.  The Quote / Issue API, which allows you to quote and issue policies.

Quote / Issue API

A complete example request and an example response are available for your perusal. 




The Quote / Issue API is a JSON API broken up into several sections.  Because each action will update the database, the HTTP POST verb should be used.

Required for Quote
Required for Issuance

  • auth - Provides authentication to v3's servers.  Required for all requests.
    • username - Your v3 username.
    • api_key - This will be supplied by an account rep from IIG.
    • agtdst - Additional information for specifying an agent / district code.  Required for certain affiliates.
    • office_code - Additional information for specifying agent's originating office.  Required for certain affiliates.
  • quote - Travel information and existing quote number.  Required for quotes.
    • effective_date - MMDDYYYY formatted date for when the customer is entering Mexico.
    • expiration_date - MMDDYYYY formatted date for when the customer is returning from Mexico.
    • quote_id - Quote number for an existing quote to be modified or purchased.
  • policy - Details of which policy is being purchased.  Required to purchase.
    • underwriter_id - Underwriter number returned with a quote. 
    • term - "daily", "sixmo" or "annual".  How long of a policy?
    • liability_id - Which liability limit to use.  This is returned from the Quote method with each rate, and needs to be passed back to the server.
  • watercraft - Details about the vehicle being insured.  Some fields required for quote, others for policy.  This is an array of vehicles.
    • type - Type of unit.
      • 18 - Sail Boat.
      • 19 - Power Boat.
      • 20 - Yacht.
      • 21 - Personal Watercraft.
    • year - Year of vehicle.
    • length - Length of the watercraft.  From 8 to 133 feet.  If over 133 feet, send 133 feet.
    • max_speed_over_50 - true/false, can the boat go over 50mph?
    • make - ID number of the vehicle's Make.
    • model - ID number of the vehicle's model.
    • hull_id - Basically the vehicle identification number for boats.
    • registration - License plate number.
    • registration_country - Country where the boat is registered.
      • USA - US.
      • CA - Canada.
      • MX - Mexico.
    • engine_type - Where is the engine(s)?
      • "None"
      • "Inboard"
      • "Outboard"
      • "Inboard/Outboard"
  • underwriting - Underwriting questions required for all quotes.  Each of these uses the JSON true/false values except where noted.
    • competition_use - Are you participating in a race (i.e. Regatta)?
    • under_21 - Operators under 22 years of age?
    • valid_license - All operators have valid driver's license?
    • mexico_resident - Resident of Mexico?
    • mexico_registered - Registered In Mexico?
    • waterways - Which waterways will this watercraft be operated in?  This is a JSON object with 5 properties, each of which can be true or false:
      • cortez -  Gulf of California/Sea of Cortez
      • inland - Inland Waters of Mexico 
      • pacific - Pacific Ocean
      • gulf_of_mexico - Remainder of Gulf of Mexico
      • yucatan - Yucatan Peninsula
  • policyholder - Details about the owner of the policy.
    • first_name - Owner's first name.
    • last_name - Owner's last name.
    • address - Mailing address.
    • city - Mailing address city.
    • state - Mailing address state, two digits.
    • zip - Mailing address postal code.
    • phone - Phone number, numbers only.
    • email - Email address.
    • password - Password for logging into IIG's website after purchase.  Never required, we will create a password for them.
    • license_number - Driver's license number.
    • license_state - Driver's license state.
  • payment - Self explanatory.  Required for issuance.
    • type - What type of transaction?  Always "agent".
      • agent - Agent collects payment in house and IIG will sweep the money from their account.
      • credit_card - Currently not available.  Complications of PCI compliance prevent charging credit cards through this API.
    • agent_key - Required for Agent Issue transactions.  Provided by IIG.


The return values are the same as the input.  If nothing has changed, the value of the return will be null.  If something has changed, the return will be an object with "new" and "old" values of that field.  For example, let's say we need to add the middle name "Michael" which was not specified in the original policy.  The return may look like:

{  "policy":{

The URL for the policy documents will remain the same, but there will be an extra page with a log of the changes.